CFD Expiration Dates

Trading CFDs carries risk and could result in the loss of your deposit, please trade wisely.

CFD instruments will be rolled over on the expiration dates as per the table below.

Please note that:

  • Positions open at 21:00 GMT on the expiration date will be adjusted via a swap charge or credit to reflect the difference in price between the expiring and new contracts
  • To avoid CFD rollovers, clients can close their CFD positions before the expiration date.
  • Any existing pending order(s) (i.e. Stop Loss, Take Profit, Entry Stop or Entry Limit) placed on an instrument is automatically removed on the expiration date at 21:00 GMT.

Expiration Dates

The Expiration Dates of contracts depend on the instrument you are trading. Upcoming CFD Expiration Dates are as follows:
Platform name Actual Expiration date Roll over date
Cocoa 14/3 (2/2) 02-Feb
Coffee 19/3 (9/2) 09-Feb
Cotton 7/3 (9/2) 09-Feb
Sugar 28/2 (15/2) 16/2
Wheat 14/3 (23/2) 23/2
Corn 14/3 (23/2) 23/2
Soybeans 14/3 (23/2) 23/2
Rice 14/3 (23/2) 23/2
Copper 27/3 (22/2) 23/2



*SWAP charges: Wednesday SWAP charge is x1 swap, Friday SWAP charge is x3 swap
In case the liquidity of the CFD old contract being too small, and upon CoverDeal Holdings Limited discretion, CoverDeal Holdings has the right to effect the rollover on an earlier date that the prescribed one.

Please note that the expiring CFDs will be rolled over to a new contract with a different price, according to the schedule in this page, on all platforms. The difference in price between the expiring CFD and the new CFD will be debited/credited to your account for any open position(s) that you hold. Your equity will not be affected at all.


Rollover during change of contract for 1 lot Buy on Brent Oil, spread is 5 pips and Swap is -0.5537 point

Instrument Old contract price New contract price Difference Currency
BrentOil 56.46 56.08 -0.38 USD



Here are the calculations for swap amount:



Charge Calculation Amount in USD
CFD Rollover volume*contract size*price difference 380
Swaps Swaps*contract size*volume*days -5.537
Spread Charge Spread*volume*contract size -50
Swaps total CFD Rollover + Swaps + Spread Charge 324.463

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